I grew up in West Jordan Utah. I always enjoyed beautiful images  from the National Geographic magazine when I was young child.  Around the age of ten I remember checking out photo book from my local library. My religious parents were not to happy about that because the nudity they had in it. Lets just say they made me return the book promptly. I took photography class in high school I thought it would be a easy A but I quickly how difficult it was. I do remember the first image I did in the darkroom and the was amazed by the magic of it all.

          When I turn 18 my parents wanted me to go on a LDS mission. Instead I wanted to go on a different path. Sense we were at war. I felt responsibility to serve my country like my grand father that served in WW2. I join the United States Marine Corps in 2003. My job in the USMC was L.A.D.D. stinger gunner. The First unit I was station at was 1st stinger Battery in Okinawa Japan. When I was there I bought a my first digital camera. I brought it with me on my time off. I started getting in photography just for fun. Just documenting  my free time with friends in Japan and other parts of the world.In 2006 I went back states side and was station at camp Pendleton. In 2007 my contract was up and didn't reenlist. I ended up going back home to Utah.

  Life after the military. It was hard to get back in the civilian world. It just hard to relate to a lot people. I guess the saying once a marine always a marine is a very real thing. I started working at Home Depot. I met my ex girlfriend Emma. She is the one that got me back into photography. Sense she was a stripper also. All the girls at the club started asking for photoshoots. So my start of photography career was doing a lot of nude work. We had pregnancy scare so I got a job working for a lab graveyards. We broke up soon after that.  I still dabble in photography not so much after that.

     2010 I really didn't enjoy the lab job. I wasn't really happy the direction my life. I decide to use my G.I. bill and get my bachelor degree in photography. While I was in school i was hustling and working very hard. I was published in city weekly. I was event photographer for a local club. I photograph for rockstar tutu for fashion. Several burlesque groups. A lot of local fashion shows. Had a boudoir business going. 2014 I graduated. 

  After graduation I started a cosplay magazine. It was a complete failure. It was rough time. I had to pick up a regular job again. Went through a temp agency. I worked a lot jobs were very like sweat shops. Finally landed a good job. Decided to restart photography again. 2018 I restarted my real anime nude babes magazine. Started taking small gigs again. My goal is to be my own boss again. Travel the world on my own terms this time. All so provide beautiful images to my customers and give them positive fun experience. If you are interested in Boudoir, cosplay, film noir, fetish, family photos, couple photos. Iv done pretty much every genre. If you like my work contact me and I will make some great images for you.